Saturday, February 23, 2019


Ski Lifts

Skiing and the Environment

Holidays are certainly not restricted to the summer months but when it comes to choosing a winter break there are two options which outnumber...
Windows & doors and energy efficency

Energy Saving Doors and Windows

Along with walls and roofs, doors and windows form the elemental parts of all habitable buildings. They are so familiar that they can easily...

The Best Hybrid Cars in 2016

Not too many years ago choosing a new car was a relatively simple matter. Car manufacturers offered small, medium or large models and occasionally...
BMW i3

Do Electric Cars Make Environmental Sense?

Electric and hybrid car cynics will argue that these green vehicles do not actually make environmental sense because they have higher manufacturing and energy...
Sustainable Wood Fuel

Sustainable Wood Fuel

Sustainable Wood Fuel Wood has always been used as a source of domestic fuel to heat the home and cook food. Fossil fuels such as...
Sustainable wood fueld

Types of Wood Fuel

Types of Wood Fuel Biomass is one of today's buzzwords and the use of organically sourced fuel is seen as the truly green alternative to...